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Sprinkler System Repair

Repairing systems is just one of the many things we offer. Often heads will go bad after years of use, or a timer will quit working, pipes can be broken, or a number of other things can go wrong. We are happy to come to your home and offer an estimate. We love a good challenge and there are few things more challenging than trouble shooting something that might be faulty wiring, bad selinoids, stuck valves, low pressure or just about anything else that can go wrong. Repair costs start at 55.00 an hour including travel time. This is charged out in 15 minute increments. The initial estimate is always free.

Repair Pictures

This is something I dug up. Multiple repairs from the last decade show that it never really worked.

To this. It was harder than it looks. All the valves into one box. New valves. New pipe.

This plant had grown to the point that it broke the pipe leading to the frost free hydrant (red handled device on the right).

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