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Pricing - Sprinkler Installation, Repair & Tune-Up

So, you are thinking of having a sprinkler system installed, but you don't know what it is going to cost. Here is a general idea of what a system will cost and what you get.

I have restructured my pricing for irrigation installation. The new prices reflect our ever-present goal of professionalism and ethics in billing the customer.

Prices for installations are as follows:

Item (includes installation)Cost per item
Rotor heads85.00
Spray Heads75.00
Hunter Pro-C timer350.00
Valve Boxes50.00
Rain Sensor150.00
Remote Control250.00

Misc. items such as backflow prevention device, wire and stop and waste valves fluctuate according with the market and are priced upon that days metals market.

Repair work is charged at $55 hour per employee (including travel time). Time is charged in 15 minute increments.

Parts prices -- call for a quote.

Our prices are meant to be transparent. There are no hidden fees or upgrades, ALL of our installations are "platinum" and all of our customers treated like what they are--our lifeblood.

Fall Winterizing service

Blowout / Winterization Prices
1 to 3 zones $40
Each additional zone is $5

Due to drive time and fuel costs there is a minimum charge of $50 for blowouts outside of Colville city limits. And a minimum charge of $100 for blowouts beyond 50 miles from Colville.

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